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MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a painless and noninvasive test that helps diagnose medical conditions. MRI uses powerful magnetic fields to produce very detailed, cross-sectional images of the body. In some breast MRIs, a contrast agent is injected into a vein to capture detailed images of the tissue. MRI images allow physicians to better evaluate the breast compared to other imaging methods such as x-ray, ultrasound or mammography.

MRI imaging of the breast is performed to:

  • Identify early breast cancer not detected through other means.
  • Diagnose women at high-risk for the disease.
  • Screen women who have implants or scar tissue.
  • Determine if cancer has spread beyond the breast into the chest wall.
  • Assess the effect of chemotherapy.

By comparing images taken before and after a contrast agent is injected into a vein, an MRI can determine:

  • If an abnormality looks benign or malignant.
  • The size and location of any abnormality that looks malignant.
  • The presence of enlarged lymph nodes.

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