Bethany's Maternity Story

Apr 30, 2020

Wanting a natural birth with her twins, Bethany knew she needed to be prepared for any complications that may arise. She wanted to give birth at a hospital with a specialized high-level Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and chose West Boca Medical Center. Hear more about her experience.

Bethany and her husband Michael were elated when they found out that they were having twins. Even though it may be somewhat rare to have a natural birth with twins, it is something that Bethany had her heart set on. She wanted to experience a drug-free birthing process, with little to no intervention. After meeting with her midwife to develop her personalized birth plan and discussing the risk of complications that could arise when giving birth to twins, Bethany knew that she needed to choose a hospital equipped with a specialized neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to be extra cautious.

After touring the hospital’s Birthcare Pavilion and learning how her specific birth plan could be implemented here, Bethany decided to give birth at West Boca Medical Center.

West Boca Medical Center has a Level III NICU which is the highest level of neonatal care available in the state, meaning that the hospital is capable of handling any birthing emergencies and is experienced enough to take care of not only the sickest but also the smallest of all newborns.

When it came to deliver the twins, everything was well orchestrated. Bethany and Michael were impressed by the calming atmosphere and the team of eleven nurses who quietly setup two of everything in preparation for the twins’ arrival.

Fortunately without any complications, Bethany and Michael welcomed two beautiful and healthy twin daughters into their family.