Alex Maternity Story

May 28, 2019

Untraditional birth, traditionally magical experience

Alex Rappaport, mom, West Boca Medical Center


Like most new parents, when Alexandra (Alex) and David Rappaport were expecting their first child, they wanted their baby girl to have access to the best possible care upon her arrival. However, the Rappaport’s situation was a little bit different from most. Due to several unexplained miscarriages, the couple decided to have their baby via gestational carrier (GC)/surrogate.

“Our GC grew our embryo into our dream come true in just nine months,” Alex shares.

With such untraditional circumstances surrounding their baby’s birth, Alex and David were happy to find a hospital that would be able to accommodate their unique needs. After touring West Boca Medical Center’s Birth Care Pavilion and learning about the five-star rated maternity care, the Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and meeting the staff, the couple was put at ease.

“They made us feel so comfortable and answered all of our questions,” Alex recalls. “They were always asking us, ‘what can we do for you?’ It was amazing.”


On the big day, the Rappaport’s GC gave birth via a planned C-section. Alex and David were able to be as close to the birth as possible, right on the other side of the Operating Room doors, as they eagerly waited to welcome little Blair Sutton Rappaport into the world.

“The birthday was the most incredible celebration,” Alex remembers. “It was a wonderful experience.”

Once the new family moved to their private birth care suite, they were surrounded by friends and family eager to celebrate the happy occasion. Much to the couple’s delight, the baby was able to stay with them nearly the entire time, with only short trips out of the room for standard testing.

“I’m so thankful that my husband and I were able to participate in the entire process,” Alex notes. “I didn’t feel any different from any other new mom. West Boca truly exceeded our expectations. From when we walked in to when we left, it was flawless.”

She also recalls how one of the hospital’s social workers went above and beyond her duties to support the family. “She even came in on her day off!” Alex says, with gratitude in her voice. “It was the staff who made the difference for us.”

Every birth is a special occasion, and this family’s was no exception. By working together with the family to cater to their situation, the hospital and staff were able to create an experience like no other.

“We never thought our journey to have a family would go down this path, but it was an amazing experience – it was our story. We can’t wait to tell Blair how much she was wanted and the very special way she made her way into this world.”