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The Shabbos room is easily accessible and is located on the first floor of the hospital near the main lobby. It was renovated and converted under the direction of Bikur Cholim of South Palm Beach County. Sleeping accommodations for overnight Shomer Shabbos guests will be made, and the room has a refrigerator, an electric pot for hot water, and a separate dairy and meat microwave. There are also Tallit and tefillin, a hand-washing basin, Shabbat candles, a Kiddush cup, challah board with knife and prayer books.

The room will continue to be stocked with towels, pillows and blankets, kosher foods as well as bottled water, coffee, tea and juice. The space will be maintained by Margo Rosman, Bikur Cholim of South Palm Beach County’s Manager of the new Hospitality Suite and Shabbos Room, and Director of the Food and Beverage Department.

Bikur Cholim, meaning “visiting the sick” in Hebrew, is a not-for-profit, all-volunteer, service organization providing assistance to individuals facing medical and life crises in South Palm Beach County. The organization focuses on doing acts of kindness. Their mission is to minimize the physical and emotional pain of the sick and their families. They strive to think creatively and proactively to provide relief for those most in need in our community. Their trained clergy, professionals, and volunteers assist by relating personally to each patient, investing heart, soul, and energy to provide reassurance and hope.

Reservations can be made by calling Evan Karp at (561) 488 – 8261, or submit requests via email at [email protected].

Please leave your full name, a contact number, and the date requested. Availability is determined on a first come basis.