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child with a turkey hat on

9 Fun Activities to Do with Kids on Thanksgiving Day

parent feeling forehead of child

Does Your Child Have the Flu or COVID-19?

therapist talking with child

What is the Difference Between ADD and ADHD?

mother holding baby

What Parents Need to Know about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

young girl holding stomach

What is Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children?

mother cooking with children

10 Ways to Help Children Eat Healthy

child rubbing eyes

How to Know if Your Child or Infant has Eye Problems

mother comforting daughter

8 Warning Signs of Stress in Children

kids running in front of parents

5 Common Inherited Health Conditions and Their Symptoms

father holding daughter

Six Tips for Social Distancing with Kids

child sneezing

Understanding Your Child's Illness

child sleeping

How to Help Your Kids Keep a Healthy Sleeping Routine


Caregivers' Guide: Poison Prevention & Child Safety

Family traveling

Tips for Healthy Holiday Travel with Kids

Woman blowing nose

Six Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy While You’re Sick


Find a Pediatrician with Answers to These 10 Questions


What Parents Need to Know About Vaping

Boy eating cookie

Food Allergies in Children

Girl Playing in water

10 Tips for Water Safety


Helping Your Children Manage Their Asthma

Boy Sitting on bench

Autism: Why Early Identification Is Important

Mother, baby and doctor

2019 Measles Update: What Parents Should Know

Mom and daughter hugging

Teen Fainting – Should You Be Concerned?

Pregnant mom with toddlers

Speech and Language Milestones

Child and mom stopping bloody nose

Nosebleeds and How to Stop Them

Pediatrician High five Patient

Ways to Help Prepare Your Child for Surgery

Father and child in carseat

Winter Coats and Car Seat Safety

Children Playing

Type 2 Diabetes – Not Just for Adults

kid washing hands

Six Ways to Prevent the Flu

bat brownie

Black Bat Bean Brownies

baby getting diaper changed

What If My Baby... ?

newborn grabbing finger

Newborn Reflexes

newborn sleeping

Newborn Sleep Patterns

newborn nose touching mom's nose

Newborn Senses

Newborn Crying

Newborn Crying

Teenager on phone

Bullying In Children

kid playing basketball

The Growing Threat of Childhood Obesity

Sleeping Baby

Keeping Babies Sleeping Safe: What Moms and Dads Need to Know

Group of kids

What It Means to Have Sickle Cell Trait

kids eating breakfast

Back to School Breakfasts for Kids

kids dribbling a ball

Protecting Young Athletes from Sports Injuries

kids working in school

7 Ways to Have a Healthy Back-to-School Experience

girl drinking water

Know the Signs of Heat Illness

Eye Injury

Preventing Eye Injuries in Kids

teen with a migraine

Is Your Teen’s Headache a Migraine?

Safe fireworks

Celebrate Safely: 12 Fireworks Safety Tips

Fireworks safety for family

Celebrate Safely: 12 Fireworks Safety Tips for Families

Child Sneezing with Allergies

Helping Your Children Win the Seasonal Allergy Battle


9 Everyday Hazards for Young Children


How to Help Your Teen Break the Distracted Driving Habit

Household Poison

How to Have a Poison-Safe Home


Childproofing Your Home

Poison Skill on Green Background

Poison Alert: Laundry Detergent Pods


Child Health Concerns: Taking the Fear Out of a Fever


Pediatric Questions: What Shots Does My Baby Need?


Child Burn Prevention

teens using cellphones

Medical Emergencies - Teens and Inhalants

Find a Pediatrician

Need a doctor for your child's care?