CORI Surgical System


West Boca Medical Center is the first hospital in Boca Raton, Fl. offering the CORI Surgical System, which offers knee replacement designed specifically for each patient.

Unlike other forms for robotic joint replacement, the CORI system does not use high-radiation CT scans or MRI. Instead, it uses an advanced computer program to map out the shape and motion of your knee so your surgeon can create a completely tailored, 3D surgical plan.


The surgeon will use the advanced accuracy of computer and robot assistance to remove damaged joint tissues and bone and precisely align and place implant components according to the patient's natural anatomy.

Robotic-assisted knee replacement using the CORI Surgical System can offer the following patient benefits:

  • Ability to regain function faster, return home sooner, and reduce overall recovery time
  • Computer and robotic optimized alignment and balancing to assist implant placement for better accuracy
  • Added precision to retain more existing, healthy joint structures for a more natural-feeling new knee
  • Better overall efficiency to reduce time in surgery and time under anesthesia
  • Less radiation exposure in tailored surgical planning (No CT or MRI needed)

For more information, please contact our Orthopedic Patient Navigator, Anna Owsianski at (561) 757-9256.

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