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Scheduled for surgery? It’s perfectly natural to feel a little anxious, even when you are assured that the procedure is a “minor operation.”

You can feel confident in the experience and abilities of our surgeons, who approach both simple outpatient procedures and complex surgeries with the same consideration for your comfort and successful recovery.

The best way to ease your concerns is to ask your doctor what to expect, what your options are and what you should do to ensure a successful operation and recovery.

Our Outpatient Surgery Center specializes in surgical techniques that promote shorter recuperation periods.

Depending on which procedure your doctor has recommended, you may be able to skip a hospital stay altogether.

Our Outpatient Surgery Center is focused on getting you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

In many cases, you’ll be able to have surgery in the morning and return home that same afternoon.

If you want to learn more about common surgical procedures, please go to our Health Desk. If you have any questions about your surgery, please contact us.

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