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Andy's Heart Attack Story

by System on Jun 6, 2019, 21:42 PM

Andy’s Reluctant Trip to the Emergency Room

Andy Welch, heart attack patient, West Boca Medical Center, and wife Sandra

Andy and Sandra Welch“Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so for us, we choose to enjoy today.”

That is what Coconut Creek City Commissioner Sandra Welch and her husband, Andy, live by every day since Andy’s heart attack. On November 16, 2017, Sandra knew something was not right with her husband. He complained about nausea, tiredness and difficulty breathing. Andy was resistant to seeking medical attention, but Sandra knew they needed to seek emergency care at West Boca Medical Center’s Emergency Center at Coconut Creek.

Once they arrived to the Emergency Center, Andy was taken straight back to a room for care where it was determined he was having a heart attack. Sandra appreciated how the nurses and doctors treated her husband in a calm and soothing manner and was impressed by the immediacy of their response. In her words, “The calmness definitely calmed me down during such a stressful time. I felt like we had our own dedicated team just for us.”

Once Andy realized the severity of his condition, he agreed that he was exactly where he needed to be to receive treatment. They are both thankful they chose to go to the Emergency Center at Coconut Creek. In Andy’s words, “Saying thank you to the doctors and nurses that took care of me just doesn’t seem to be enough.”

Once stabilized, Andy was transferred to a nearby hospital, where he received a stent and is currently on the road to recovery. To aid in his recovery, he is making smarter food choices and is incorporating longer walks with their dog into his daily routine.

With their new outlook on life, they are looking forward to taking their family on a “memory-making” extended vacation this year and celebrating an upcoming milestone wedding anniversary.

Sandra is thankful that West Boca Medical Center decided to invest and build their Emergency Center in Coconut Creek and is grateful for the amazing care that the residents of Coconut Creek have access to.

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