Breast Cancer Team

The Breast Center Team at West Boca Diagnostic Imaging Center is focused on comprehensive breast care with emphasis on prevention and early detection. Using some of the most advanced technologies in the industry we offer diagnosis and treatment of breast conditions with compassionate and coordinated care. We know that every individual is unique and we pride ourselves on delivering customized care based on an individual’s personal risk. Our teams of specialists work with you to ensure all your concerns are addressed and you receive personalized care from our patient navigator and breast radiologists.

Radiologists Fellowship Trained in Breast Imaging

Our radiologists are breast-imaging specialists that provide direct patient care. This advanced training includes the interpretation of screening and diagnostic mammograms by digital and/or screen-film mammographic technique as well as the interpretation of breast ultrasound and breast MRI. Interventional procedures include, but are not limited to, MRI guided biopsies, ultrasound and stereotactic guided needle biopsies and needle wire localizations, fine needle aspirations and breast abscess drainage.

Patient Navigator

Our Patient Navigator provides education and emotional support for patients and their family members and serves as a liaison between the patient and their treatment providers. With guidance and assistance from the Patient Navigator, patients can rely on the timely delivery of diagnostic, treatment and follow-up services, which are key components of a successful recovery. This one-on-one service is provided to ensure that a patient’s needs are met in a timely manner, their questions are answered and fears and anxiety are addressed with compassion. The program assists patients in obtaining the care and information they need, such as:

  • Providing health resources and support systems
  • Facilitating interaction and communication with health care staff and providers
  • Streamlining appointments and paperwork

The Breast Center is further supported by community-based specialists who are on staff at West Boca Medical Center. These specialists include breast surgeons, plastic surgeons, medical oncologists, pathologists and radiation oncologists. The Breast Center is organized to provide timely diagnosis and critical information and counsel to help patients better understand their diagnosis and treatment options.

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