Physical Therapy

Helping you back to a full recovery

When you meet your therapist, you’ll talk about a lot. You’ll discuss your unique injury and how you’re feeling, you’ll go through a few tests to figure out where you are physically, and you may even start to talk about where you’re from, what you do for fun, and your preferred sports teams. You’ll be spending some time together, and it helps to have something to talk about as you go through the process of recovery.

The speed of your recovery will ultimately depend on the work you put in. Your therapist will work with you for several hours each week, and may ask you to do some stretches and exercise on your own time as well.

What should you expect?

Walking into the unknown is always a little unnerving, but it doesn’t have to be. Our therapists have experience in many conditions, and they’ll work with you at a pace you’re comfortable with.

In general, you should expect to work hard, but shouldn’t feel pain. In order to get you back to full strength, you’ll work your muscles until they feel fatigued, but not until they hurt. If something does hurt, you should tell your therapist right away.

Don’t hesitate to ask your therapist about your treatment plan, and any milestones or goals along the way that you can look forward to. And in order to reach those milestones, make sure to do the exercises at home that your therapist asks you to, so recovery stays on schedule.

If you have any questions about our physical therapy services, please contact us.