Fast Track is not your typical ER experience

Efficiency and simplicity aren't usually associated with the ER. But with Fast Track at West Boca Medical Center, we deliver great care in an advanced clinical setting, all with your experience in mind.

The goal of Fast Track is evaluate, treat and discharge the patient within 90 minutes using this streamlined process:

  1. Patient arrives in the emergency department and is registered.
  2. The patient is seen by a triage nurse who determines whether the patient is a candidate for Fast Track.
  3. If the patient is eligible for Fast Track, they are seen by an ER nurse in the Fast Track designated unit.
  4. Patient undergoes assessment, receives care from an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant, and is promptly discharged. NOTE: The time in which a patient is treated is based on the acuity of their injury or ailment.

Convenience for you

Why do we offer Fast Track? It’s simple. At West Boca Medical Center, we want to deliver the kind of excellent healthcare that you expect from a hospital. But we want to combine that with a patient experience that puts you first. There’s a simple reason we use Fast Track: You.

Try ER Check-In Online

Did you know that you can schedule your visit to the ER if it’s not urgent? When you need to visit the ER for an emergency that isn't life-threatening, try ER Check-In Online.