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ERLet’s face it: The last place you want to end up is the emergency room. But when accidents happen, you want some of the best and most efficient medical treatment possible from a staff that cares about what happens to you.

If your condition is not urgent, you can sign up online and avoid spending too much time in our waiting room by using our ER Check-In Online tool.

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Health Fact:

130 million—The number of visits to ERs each year in America.


Working to keep patients safe, from someone who knows

Emergency care for your children

When your children need emergency treatment, rest assured that they’ll be in good hands. We have a special waiting room for young patients, newborns to age 18. Our pediatric emergency room physicians and nurses are specially trained to understand the cues of young patients who may not be able to verbalize their problems.

Learn more about common emergencies

Learn more about some of the most common medical emergencies at our online Health Library.