West Boca Medical Center Adds Critical Care Intensivist Program to Enhance Patient Care

Mar 3, 2022
Program gives critical care patients treated in ICU an even higher level of care

Boca Raton, FL. -  West Boca Medical Center is further enhancing its care to some of its sickest patients with the addition of its Critical Care Intensivist Program.  The program consists of a team of doctors and nurse practitioners overseeing the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU), 24 hours a day seven days a week.   The intensivists are board-certified physicians certified in the subspecialty of critical care medicine.  Dr. Stephen Milan will be the medical director of the new program.

"I am truly honored to be named the new medical director and lead our Critical Care Intensivist Program at West Boca Medical Center. This intensivist program reflects West Boca Medical Center’s dedication to providing patients and our community to safe and high quality care,” said Dr. Milan.  “This also means our hospital and the community we serve, will always have a dedicated medical specialist caring for patients who are being treated in our Intensive Care Unit.”

Several highly skilled physicians, including Dr. Mark Adelman, Dr. Carlos Gutierrez, Dr. Noah Schreibman, and Dr. Kenneth Baron, will join Dr. Milan.  These intensivists will be working alongside an experienced nursing team led by director Wendy Dubois.

“The critical care intensivist program will enhance our services at West Boca Medical Center, and continue to strengthen the quality of care we have been providing to this community for more than 35 years,” said George Rizzuto, chief executive officer at West Boca Medical Center.  “Having this team in place at our hospital will give our patients the support and treatments necessary for someone being cared for in our ICU.” 

For more information about the services at the hospital, go to www.westbocamedctr.com or call 866-724-6002.