Innovative GPS Technology For Shoulder Surgery Now Available At West Boca Medical Center

Mar 24, 2021

PARKLAND, FL – Shoulder replacement surgery has taken a giant step forward for residents of the Parkland area in South Florida. West Boca Medical Center is now using the ExactTechGPS® Shoulder Application, a preoperative surgery planning tool providing exact locations of the patient's shoulder via GPS to provide the best surgery outcomes possible.

"A typical shoulder replacement involves the ball and socket of the shoulder," says Dr. Jonathan Hersch, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist at West Boca Medical Center. "The problem is, not all sockets are created equally."

The new surgery procedure creates a guided, personalized surgery via GPS giving the surgeon a virtual map of the patient's shoulder on a high definition screen. With the new technology, surgeries are much more accurate and precise. This, in turn, creates a better overall surgery and healthier long term outlook for the shoulder.

"We get to see a live image of the anatomy as we drill a hole into the socket. This is a completely accurate step-by-step visualization of the process, which gives us a greater level of confidence at each step," adds Dr. Hersch.

Additionally, the ExactTechGPS® Shoulder Application allows the shoulder specialist to combine their preoperative planning with the computer assisted technology. The result is near-perfect implant alignment relative to the patient's needs.

"This surgery has now become significantly more consistent and precise. We're maximizing the entire process, including the placement for each individual screw utilized in the surgery. This is the latest advancement in technology providing surgeons with real-time visual guidance and alignment data in total shoulder surgery. The precision and accuracy is unparalleled,” summarizes Dr. Hersch.

West Boca Medical Center is now taking patients for the ExactTechGPS® Shoulder Application technology shoulder replacement program; any prospective patient is welcome to visit and get an evaluation for the surgery. Visit Orthopedics for more information, as well as appointment booking.