da Vinci Robot at West Boca Sets New Surgery Standard For Precision, Recovery

May 24, 2021

PARKLAND, FL- Surgeons at West Boca Medical Center now have an extra set of hands; a four-armed surgical robot called the da Vinci® Xi Surgical System. Dubbed the "million dollar robot," da Vinci has improved the entire surgery and recovery process for many patients at West Boca Medical Center.

"da Vinci is a game-changer in many aspects," says Dr. Rachel Ciaccio, an OB/GYN at West Boca Medical Center. 

One of the great strengths of da Vinci is not only how it is a very tiny version of human hands, but also its ability to be precise with any size maneuver or incision.

"da Vinci has two specific strengths," says Sader. "First, it gives us visualization of the entire patient's operating area that we normally don't have, so it's a much more complete map we're using. And second, da Vinci is made perfectly for tight spaces. These tiny hands can do the work of many adult hands in a tiny amount of space. That makes the impossible with human hands possible with da Vinci."

As a General Surgeon, Dr. Sader uses da Vinci 3-4 times per week on surgery, which can be anything from a gallbladder removal to a hernia repair.

Besides the incredible precision and size of da Vinci, one long-lasting component of the surgery process that people don't appreciate until afterward is the recovery process. Because da Vinci is so precise with its incisions, often times an invasive surgery can be performed with a series of small incisions rather than one large incision, which rapidly increases the healing process and minimizes soreness.

"For my patients, using da Vinci cuts down significantly on their recovery time." says Dr. Ciaccio. "The difference between one large incision and a number of small incisions with da Vinci can cut 6-8 weeks off a patient's recovery time. And there's reduced risk of injury."

Original Source: https://www.tapinto.net/towns/parkland/sections/health-and-wellness/articles/da-vinci-robot-at-west-boca-sets-new-surgery-standard-for-precision-recovery