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Walking into a hospital is intimidating.

We want to give you as much information as possible so you know what you’re walking in to.

The more you know…

You will be more comfortable about your health concerns if you take some time to understand what to expect when you arrive at West Boca. Take advantage of our extensive online resources to learn more about your condition and treatment options. You can also go to our online Health Library to access in-depth health information and read through our explanation of what to expect.

Hear from others.

Oftentimes a patient who has been through the same situation you’re facing can offer a great deal of insight. Many of our patients have shared their experiences on our website, and we continue to appreciate inspiring stories of hope and perseverance.

Find out from the patients themselves, as well as the nurses and doctors who treated them, how West Boca helped them feel better.

Read Our Stories

Let us continue to help.

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Scheduled or Current Patient Resources:

Patient Stories

Take comfort in the experiences of others who came before you. Read the stories of our past patients.

Request Medical Records

If you want a copy of your medical records, find out how to get them.

Pre-Register for Your Visit

Reduce your time in the waiting room by pre-registering online for many different departments and medical services. 

What to Expect

Hospital stays need not be too overwhelming. 

What to Bring/What NOT to Bring

​We provide a short list of essentials to bring with you, as well as recommendations for what you should definitely leave at home.

Get Maps & Directions

Learn how to find us.

Our Unique Experience

Perhaps you’ve arrived at West Boca with an injury or sudden illness. 

Our Team

We take deep pride in our medical professionals, administrative team, and volunteers—the heart and soul of our facility. 

Diseases & Conditions Library

Learn about your own health with our online library of conditions.

Your Patient Rights

When you’re a patient, we make you an invested partner in your own care. 

Advance Directives

An advance directive lets others make informed decisions about your healthcare if you're no longer able. Do you have one?

Patient Portal

Use our Patient Portal to view your online medical records and pay bills.

Interpretive Language Service

For our patients who don’t speak English or who have hearing impairments, we provide 24-hour interpreter services using either medical interpreters or a translation line.

Helpful Support Groups

Sometimes the greatest comfort comes from the people who understand what you're going through.

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Pre-Operative Information