David Terrana's Story

Jun 3, 2020

David Terrana was constantly on his feet—he served as a Firefighter for the City of Fort Lauderdale and now umpires Major League Baseball Spring Training. Previously, he umpired High School Baseball for 20-years and 15-years of NCAA Baseball. In addition, he plays tennis five days a week. Umpires are known to do about 400 squats a game which inevitably wore down his hips down to a painful grind. He developed degenerative arthritis in both of his hips, which became extremely painful. Desperate to get his active lifestyle back, David went to see Dr. David Padden, Tenet Florida Physician Services Orthopedic Surgeon, at West Boca Medical Center to see what could be done to get him back on his feet.

After a consultation and evaluation by Dr. Padden, David decided to move forward with a hip replacement at West Boca Medical Center. First he had his left hip repaired and recovered in less than 24 hours. Within the same year, he had his right hip repaired using the MAKO® Robotic-Arm Surgical System.

“The MAKO® procedure is really magnificent, Dr. Padden didn’t cut any muscle—he simply goes into the hip and spreads the tissues and muscle fibers away. I am a tennis aficionado and was surprised how soon after surgery I was able to get back on the court.”

Shortly after surgery, he started seeing the positive benefits. He had a minimal amount of swelling, wore compression stockings and followed the instructions given by Dr. Padden. For pain he only took Ibuprofen for three days. David began walking an hour a day, four-five days a week, and used a walker for balance. However, when he went to his post-operative visit, Dr. Padden said the walker was no longer necessary.

“This was fast in terms of getting back on my feet and rehabilitation. Dr. Padden told me not to play tennis until eight weeks after surgery. The day of my eighth week, two-months to the day; I was out on the tennis court. I’m very athletic so for me to sit around for any appreciable amount of time is kind of hard.”

Today, David is thrilled to be living the active lifestyle he was used to, thanks to his repaired hips.

“Now, with new hips, I have no problem. I can keep up with those kids! Dr. Padden is great! Every time I see him, I hug him.”