COPD Support Group Testimonial: Judy Cromer

Nov 6, 2019
jodyJudy Cromer has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), however she doesn’t let the disease take over her ability to live life to the fullest. Every month she comes to the West Boca Medical Center’s COPD Support Group to learn new ways of managing the disease and connect with other people who are in similar situations.  Judy explained that she learned to appropriately use a nebulizer, which house plants can benefit breathing, the impact of essential oils, ways to save on prescriptions, when to contact a physician and even hurricane preparedness.  She believes that “Everyone could benefit from attending these meetings. It’s a great resource for support and for information. Two of the classes made a significant and lasting impact on me.  One was a 30 minute yoga instructor that shared various breathing techniques and the other was a discussion on the benefits of CBD oil and how to discuss if it would be helpful to you with your doctor.”

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