Christy's Birthing Story

Oct 2, 2019

Parents with baby in NICUChristy Andreoni’s Baby Shower was planned for July 13—it was her first child and she was excited to celebrate the momentous occasion with friends and family. However, when planning the party, it never crossed her mind that her baby could come early, postponing the baby shower until her son was born.

“I had a very easy pregnancy. I felt I was built for this and thought my pregnancy may even go beyond forty weeks.  I kept telling everyone we had awhile to go. Famous last words—he came six weeks early.”

On July 8, four days prior to the Baby Shower, Christy started to feel a bit ill and overheated at work. While generally unworried, she figured she would go home, take a shower and rest.  However, it became clear after stepping out of the shower that her water had broken.

“I was in complete denial. There was no way, at 34 weeks, I was ready to give birth. My Baby Shower was in four days!”

Christy called her Obstetric-Gynecologist, Dr. Stewart Newman, who advised her to go straight to West Boca Medical Center. It was then that that Christy accepted she was going into labor. As would be expected for any mother in this situation, Christy was concerned for her child, but felt at ease knowing she had confidence in WBMC to care for her and her newborn. 

“We had a really great experience at West Boca Medical Center. I was comfortable going there because it was a smaller, more intimate setting than other centers I visited. I felt this allowed for more personalized care and had no concerns going there.”

Upon arrival, Christy took all the necessary tests and Dr. Newman came to deliver her baby. Her birth plan called for an epidural, but she was presented with another option by the staff—nitrous oxide. With the understanding that nitrous oxide was safe, quick, and has minimal to no side effects, Christy decided to give it a try when her contractions started.

“Overall it was a great experience—it didn’t take away all the pain, but it significantly helped alleviate my anxiety. With nitrous oxide alone I was able to go from 3 centimeters to 5 centimeters, a generally painful part of the process.  I would recommend it to all my friends—it helps keep you calm, but not disoriented so you can experience the moment. “

The next day, Christy safely delivered a baby boy, James, weighing only 5 pounds. Dr. Newman placed the baby on her chest so she could have a few moments with her newborn before he had to be taken to the Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at WBMC for continuous monitoring. Christy braced herself for the next part of her journey, but she soon found out her son was in excellent hands.  

“The NICU team was amazing. It wasn’t easy watching James in the NICU for three weeks, but the doctors and nurses eased our nerves. As we were new parents, they prepared us for taking him home and taught us skills such as diaper-changing and breastfeeding.  As hard as it was wondering about the health of our baby, I don’t think there could have been a better scenario as far as the NICU goes—they were all so wonderful and caring.”

Christy and her husband, Chris, took home a healthy baby boy on July 24. Today, she and Chris are enjoying the next phase of their lives as new parents. Instead of a shower, they are planning a “Meet Baby James” party with family and friends in September!