Pediatric Sleep Diagnostic Center 

West Boca Medical Center Pediatric Sleep Diagnostic Center

Unfortunately, about 25 percent of children experience some type of sleep problem, ranging from loud snoring, difficulty falling asleep and night wakings to more serious disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia or narcolepsy. Upwards of one-third of elementary school-age children and 40 percent of adolescents have significant sleep complaints.

Inadequate, disrupted, poor-quality, non-restful and at times elusive sleep constitutes one of the most common complaints raised by parents to pediatricians. The consequences can be serious, and range from behavioral concerns and academic failure to delayed growth, failure to thrive and cardiovascular problems. 

Many sleep disorders in children and adolescents are treatable with highly effective medical and behavioral interventions. At West Boca's Pediatric Sleep Diagnostic Center, a highly trained pediatric sleep specialist meets with parents and child to discuss sleep issues and develop an individualized treatment plan. Learn more >>