24-Hour Emergency Care 

West Boca's Emergency Department is always open to serve you and your family. When emergency injury or illness strikes, we have both adult and pediatric emergency rooms with separate waiting rooms for adult patients and families.

Our skilled, experienced board-certified emergency physicians, registered nurses and technicians staff the Emergency Department, which is well-equipped with advanced technology.

West Boca's advanced capabilities in medical, surgical, orthopedic and pediatric care help ensure that timely care is available on-site for complicated patient needs.

We understand no one wants to be an emergency patient, and that patients and their families may be upset or frightened by their illness or injury. You are in good hands. Our staff is highly trained to provide excellent care.


  Emergency Room
  Emergency Room


Our Pledge

Our goal is to offer the best possible patient care and customer service. We are committed to this goal and to exceeding your expectations.

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What to Expect

Triage - Upon arrival, a registered nurse will see you. This is the beginning of your medical treatment. The triage nurse will ask the reason for your visit, inquire about your medical history and perform a brief exam. Triage helps determine the severity of your condition and helps ensure the most urgent patients are seen by a physician first.

Registration - During registration you will be asked for information necessary to begin your chart. If an exam room is available, you will be taken directly into the treatment area. Otherwise, you will be asked to remain in the reception area.

Treatment - In the treatment area, the testing process begins. A certified emergency room physician, a physician assistant or nurse practitioner will see you. Your nurse may start an IV, obtain a blood or urine sample or send you for an X-ray if necessary.

Physicians see patients based on the severity of their illness. Our goal is to evaluate all patients in a timely manner. Evaluations may take up to three hours, or longer if specialized tests are needed.

Visitors - The treatment area has a limited capacity. Initially, relatives and friends are asked to remain in the reception area unless their presence is absolutely necessary for the care of the patient. In this way, the patients' needs can be met and privacy maintained. Minor patients may be accompanied by their parents.

Re-Evaluation - Once all test results are received, the emergency physician will reevaluate you. Based on these results and your condition, you may be discharged home or admitted to the hospital.

Your private physician will be contacted to help in this decision. If you do not have a physician, one will be assigned to you from our on-call list of specialists. Extended waiting time may occur due to delays in test results, availability of hospital beds or consultation with specialists.

Discharge - When you are discharged, you will be given written after-care instructions to follow at home. It is important for you to follow-up with your private physician or the referral physician.

Patient Satisfaction - We are totally committed to providing quality care and achieving the highest levels of patient satisfaction. To help us meet our goal of excellence, shortly after your visit to the Emergency Department, you may be contacted to participate in a patient survey. Your response to this survey is an important part of our continuous efforts to meet our commitment to you. It is our goal to be sure that you are ALWAYS satisfied with the service we provide.