Community Education 

Register Online for a Class or call (866) 904-WBMC (9262)

West Boca Medical Center offers a variety of programs, classes and support groups for persons of all ages. Classes include:

  • Maternity: Baby Care, Breastfeeding, Lamaze, Chat With Pediatrician/Anesthesiologist, CPR, Hints For Expert and Loving Parents (HELP), Sibling Preparation
  • Parenting
  • Diabetes Adult
  • Diabetes Education Program

Diabetes Support Group

The Diabetes Support Group meets on the third Wednesday of every month in the Education Center from 2pm - 3:30pm. Healthy refreshments are available. Meetings offer participants an opportunity to discuss personal issues with others facing similar challenges. Guest speakers and lectures on diabetes-related topics are presented at this time.

Diabetes Follow Up Class

Participants of the Diabetes Self-Management Program are entitled to receive annual education on diabetes management. Class topics may include carbohydrate counting, meal planning, insulin administration, medication updates and discussion of new research findings regarding diabetes. Follow-up classes are designed to encourage continuous learning for the diabetic patient, reduce long-term complications and address individual needs. The class is taught by a registered nurse, who is a certified diabetes educator. For more information about eligibility, insurance coverage and upcoming class dates and times, call (866) 904-9262.

Physician Lecture Series

Click here to learn more and view our upcoming lectures.

Community Programs
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