Pediatric Emergency Department 

Pediatric Emergency Department

Instead of sitting in a crowded waiting room surrounded by adults, a child coming to West Boca for emergency care is comforted by a separate waiting area just for kids.

In fact, our goal is for a healthcare professional to see your child in 30 minutes or less. The pediatric ER treats newborns up to children 18 years of age. Doctors and nurses from the pediatric emergency medicine department work closely with the emergency department to stabilize patients. With their experience and focus, they look, listen and read the cues to determine what their young patients can’t tell them.

Pediatric Emergency RoomAfter being treated, patients are often able to go home. If they require additional care after being stabilized, they are transferred to a specialized unit. We strive to provide quality care and achieve the highest levels of patient satisfaction. We are committed to this goal and to exceeding your expectations.


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West Boca Medical Center is the proud winner of the Kids Crown Awards from South Florida Parenting Magazine.