Robotic surgery is a vital tool in the fight against prostate cancer.

Using robotics in prostatectomy, or removal of the prostate, surgeons can take a minimally invasive approach to this delicate procedure. Robotics allow the surgeon to operate in a tightly confined area that contains many nerves that affect urinary control and sexual function.

Prostatectomy with the da Vinci system has been shown to substantially reduce post-operative pain while hastening recovery. Studies also indicate that this procedure may offer improved cancer control along with a lower incidence of impotence and urinary incontinence.

Urologic surgery can create anxiety for most men. Common drawbacks of traditional prostatectomy have been post-surgical pain, lengthy recovery and a potentially long-term impact on continence and sexual function.

Rather than open surgery, in which large incisions are made across pelvic organs, the robotics system allows surgeons to use small incisions and micro-instruments.


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