Outstanding Physicians 
Monday, 29 May 2006 

As part of its Doctors’ Day celebration, West Boca Medical Center recently announced the winners of its 2006 Physician Recognition Awards.  The winners are: Feyisola Awonusonu, MD, Albert Dabbah, MD, Melissa Friedman, MD and Gilbert Rigaud, MD.


The winners are selected by West Boca Medical Center employees who submit physicians they believe consistently demonstrate the qualities of service, compassion and respect.


Dr. Awonusonu, of Weston, is a neonatologist who has been at the hospital since 2000 and the first “two-time” winner of the award. Dr. Awonusonu also won in 2005.  One of the comments employees made was, “This physician is a dedicated, conscientious and caring individual who extends himself to those in need. He is a true gentleman who respects the nurses’ opinions.”


Dr. Dabbah, of  Boca Raton, is a plastic surgeon who has been at the hospital since 1995. Employees who nominated him describe him as someone who has a kind disposition. “He is polite and caring not only to patients but also to the hospital staff. He is a “model” for what surgeons should emulate.”


Dr. Friedman, of Boca Raton, is an obstetrician who has been on staff at WBMC since 1998. Those who nominated her state, “She is always professional but personable and friendly, a team player, down to earth, adorable, courteous and fair. She has a very soothing bedside manner and the patients adore her.”


Dr. Rigaud, of Boca Raton, is a urologist who has been on staff at the hospital for the past two years. Employees who nominated him state, “This physician is very compassionate to his patients as well as employees. He provides excellent care to all his patients and always puts (them) first.”


Physicians who are chosen receive a plaque of recognition.  In addition, West Boca Medical Center makes a $500 donation in the physician’s name to the charity of their choice. The charities the physicians selected include, World Vision, the Alzheimer’s Association, the Foundation for Independent Living and Hospice by the Sea.