After Delivery at the Birth Care Pavilion 

After Delivery

• Once your baby is born, the umbilical cord may be cut by Dad, Grandmother or that special someone in your new baby’s life. This does not hurt the baby and creates a bonding experience.

• We offer cord blood collection and have several cord banking agencies affiliated with West Boca Medical Center. You can discuss this prior to delivery with your Obstetrician or Midwife.


• After your baby is born, we encourage immediate skin-to-skin contact on vaginal deliveries and within the first hour on Cesarean sections. If you choose to breastfeed, we recommend that you start soon after your baby is born.

• Immediately after birth an identification band is placed around baby’s wrist and ankle. You and the person of your choice will be given a matching band around your wrist for safety purposes.

Bands are not removed until baby is discharged from hospital. Safety bands are checked anytime your baby is separated from you. A security tag is applied to the umbilical cord and is removed upon discharge as well.

• In your presence the baby is weighed, given eye ointment and Vitamin K and footprints are taken. This is where you welcome your new baby into the world and you and your family bond before going to the Newborn Nursery to continue the assessment and your baby’s first bath.

• We offer a full service, 24-hour nursery that you may utilize as often as you wish or your baby may stay in your room with you.

Lactation Services:

Breastfeeding is a special gift only a mother can give her baby. A new mom may have questions about the health and benefits of breast milk, whether baby is getting enough milk, expected feeding patterns and how to return to work while continuing to breastfeed. Questions on formula feeding may also be answered.

For these questions and countless others, our trained nursing staff and Lactation Consultant offers answers, techniques and suggestions to help ensure your feeding success.

West Boca Medical Center Pediatrics:

An affiliated pediatrician from West Boca Medical Center will exam and discharge your baby from the hospital. Please visit our website for a list of our pediatricians. If your pediatrician is not affiliated, a doctor from the NICU will examine and discharge your baby. The records will be transferred to your pediatrician’s office. Expect to have your baby’s first check-up within 5 days of your discharge from the hospital.

A memorable experience is our mission and commitment to you and your family. We are here to support you beyond the birth of your baby. We offer dedicated Pediatric Emergency Services and Pediatric Specialties along with Women’s Services.

For more information, please call: 866-904-WBMC