Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 

West Boca’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is designed to give the sickest children the highest level of care. A child may be admitted to the PICU after major surgery, an accident, severe asthma attack or other incident. The length of stay depends on the child’s condition, and might range from a single day to several months.

The PICU is led by a pediatric intensivist, a doctor who completed a three-year residency in pediatrics after medical school followed by years of subspecialty fellowship training in intensive care. Also involved may be other doctors, physical therapists, nutritionists, pharmacists and others. The PICU commonly has a higher ratio of nurses to patients than the hospital’s main medical floors, allowing for extremely thorough nursing care. The entire PICU health care team works to provide quality care for critically ill children, while they aid you and your family.